What to Expect from me, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC):















After receiving your referral, I will meet you in the comfort of your own home and assure the following:

  • Introductory intake assessment of prenatal care, experiences and health history through the client intake form. This may be emailed, mailed or accessed through this site on the CONTACT page 

  • Breast and nipple examination as it applies to your health and birth history

  •  Breast or nipple conditions that might impact breastfeeding, such as flat, inverted, or cracked nipples, blisters/abrasions, scar tissue from piercings or surgery, etc

  • Look for signs of milk transfer to baby, and provide resources pertaining to subject

  • A complete oral examination to assess development, anatomy, and suckling ability

  • Signs that breastfeeding is going well, including output, behavior of baby, frequent feeds, swallows heard

  • Feeding history and assessment including a focus on signs of successful latching, positioning of baby. In addition, provide information to allow parents to assess readiness to feed, innate reflexes of baby, and biological nurturing with skin to skin.

  • Weight checks (if required)

  • A complete feeding assessment, including a mutually agreed feeding plan including communication with health care provider (physician or midwife) upon your consent


After the Consultation: 

  • You will receive an electronic copy of any care plan/feeding plan agreed upon during visit.

  • I will provide a follow up phone call to provide further support and evaluation of our consultation

  • Documentation will be sent to your healthcare provider as needed and with your consent

  • I will provide a paper or electronic receipt for payment at time of consultation

  • I will suggest various community breastfeeding support groups local to your area that can serve as a valuable addition to your support network!


How do Lactation Consultants differ from other health care professionals: 





















Visit IBLCE on the web to learn more:  http://iblce.org/

-Clinical Competencies of IBCLCs: http://iblce.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/scope-of-practice.pdf

-Scope of Practice for IBCLCs: http://iblce.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/clinical-competencies.pdf


As your lactation consultant I hope to be part of your health care team, however, I will focus soley on the breastfeeding partnership. The breastfeeding dyad has many factors impacting the overall synchronicity. We will work together to balance theses areas affecting the maternal and newborn health. During your consultation, you can expect a warm, relaxed and relational approach to your breastfeeding situation.  If necessary, I will act as your advocate if needed while interacting with health care professionals guided by your wishes, and evidenced based best practice. My goal is to connect with each other, learn and grow together, all while normalizing any breastfeeding issues that have presented themselves.  I will work with you and your baby (and your family) to develop a care plan for breastfeeding that is personalized to meet your needs however that may be defined.


IBCLC# L-48917




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