There are countless websites and parenting blogs in the wide world of the internet. It is essential to know where to go for evidence-based information. Here are some sites for parents looking for breastfeeding resource.  I recommend and trust these sites that are written by IBCLCs, or physicians:


Want Canadian content?  Jack Newman's handouts are detailed and evidence-based:


Wonderful and inclusive site to search any topic pertaining to breastfeeding (plus link to other ariticles of same topic):


Learn more about comfortable positioning and laid back breastfeeding:


Search our local Le Leche League support group and search site for articles:


Find out how to donate milk or receive human milk for your baby:


Fabulous site for the benefits of breastfeeding and common challenges:


Mother Risk is a website and toll free call to clarify if a medication is safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You can speak to a consultant or pharmacist about the medicine's compatibility:


For moms who have had surgery, adopt or need to learn about how to make more milk:




Great Handouts by the International Lactation Consultant Association

- Inside Track:


Search site and choose what topics interest you. Let me know if you'd like some printed or emailed to your for future reference!


Exclusive Breastfeeding: Isn't Some Breastfeeding Good Enough?

Skin-to-Skin at Birth: A New Model of Care

Using Your Hands to Express Your Milk

Bringing your premature or ill breastfeeding baby home

When Your Baby is Born a Little Early

Dealing with Mastitis

Helping your Baby with Torticollis

My Baby has Jaundice - What's That?

Soothing your Baby with Reflux

Weight Loss During Breastfeeding - Are low carb diets a good idea?

What is Donor Milk and Why Might My Baby Need It?

Breastfeeding the Older Baby

Breastfeeding with Large Breasts

Breastfeeding Twins

AND MANY MORE is also an excellent site for handouts. The printer friendly version is done by highlighting the title and text and printing the select option on your printer. Let me know if you'd like some assistance. 




Excellent provincial resource with detailed videos on many topics such as skin to skin, latch, positioning, and hands on pumping:


Extensive list of breastfeeding videos (US site):


Local Resources:


Your local health unit has experienced public health nurses who are experienced breastfeeding counselors, IBCLCs and knowledgable support for you and your baby:


Le Leche League of Canada-Nanaimo location

Bridget Deighton leads a group every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, see link:


Tillicum Lelum Friendship Centre hosts Building Better Babies Program for pregnant and postnatal moms with breastfeeding support:


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